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John Coryat and USNaviguide LLC has been a provider of quality custom software services to customers the world over for more than 18 years. We provide a broad range of custom programming and design services from custom and standardized polygon databases to web sites and hosting services. This page lists some of the significant accomplishments for John Coryat Systems: Significant Accomplishments of John Coryat Systems

USNaviguide LLC currently is specializing in cartographic web site programming, utilizing Perl, SQL and Apache on Linux based platforms.
Our latest product offering:

Mapping programs:

USPS Zip Code Boundary Map

2000 ZCTA Zip Code Boundary Map - Merges Zip Codes into one Boundary

Zip Codes within a Radius

Town/City Boundary Map

County Boundary Map

Zip Code Boundary Maps for States, Counties and Places

All these maps work essentially the same. Either click on a point inside the US or key a zip code and the program will draw the border for the $ Some points will result in no border being drawn due to the point being outside of the polygons in our database.

Tiger/Line 2006FE Based Reverse Geocoder: Translate a latitude and longitude coordinate into $

Geocoder: Translate an address into latitude and longitude coordinates.

NOAA Weather Radar Android Application

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Boundary Maps with Google Maps API

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